Wednesday, 2 January 2013


NATIONAL HERO Kanang anak Langkau passes away in Kuching 

 NST ALERT at 10:14am 3rd January 2013 read : National hero Datuk Temenggong Kanang anak Langkau died at Kuching General Hospital this morning. He was 67 years old.

Kanang (on Najib Razak's right) during a recent dialogue session with the Prime Minister.

My deepest heartfelt condolences to Kanang's family, friends and comrades who have lost a man ... who was so full of fire in his belly. 

I first met Kanang in August, 2005 in Simanggang (Sri Aman) during my course of duty as a journalist in Sarawak. 

Loud spoken, aggressive and opinionated yet Temenggong Kanang was a humble man. I've met, had long chats and worked with the hero on many 'social projects' since 2005. 

Our last meeting was in Kuching sometime in 2011. A day earlier I had bumped into him during a Biro TataNegara do in Lundu which was officiated by Sarawak chief minister Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud and a bearded Kanang told me he was doing his bid to educate the younger generation on the value of peace.

Having had the truly 'bloody' experience of fighting the communist terrorists in Peninsula Malaysia, Kanang was engaging the young to enlighten them on the evils of war and armed confrontations.

Whenever we bumped into each other, Kanang (who often addresses his acquittance as 'tuan') will also always remind me "Tuan, ramai lagi pejuang lama yang masih tidak dihargai. Kita kena cari dia orang'. 

For it was Kanang and veteran Sarawak-based journalist James Ritchie who led me to re-discover Malaysia's sole surviving George Cross recipient Awang Anak Raweng, another legendary Iban tracker, also in August 2005.

May Your Soul Rest in Peace, TUAN KANANG! 

Agi Idup, Agi Ngelaban.

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