Monday, 19 November 2012



1. did you know that Israel detonates the residence of American diplomats and attack American warships in international waters of Liberty in 1967? Although the attack killing 33 American soldiers and wounding 177 others, but America does not take any action against Israel? Only on the grounds that Israel's army was wrong target? Imagine if the attack was carried out by the Islamic State?

2. did you know that every Jewish races that exist in every country in the world to become a citizen of Israel automatically? While Palestinians born in the land of his own since tens of centuries ago continue to be driven out of Palestine?

3. did you know that the Palestinian population that settled in the area Israel must use vehicles with a special paint and color to distinguish between Jewish and non-Jewish race?

4. did you know that the eastern part of Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights is considered by the international community, especially the West and America as the area was occupied by Israel and is not part of Israel?

5. did you know that Israel allocates 85% of clean water only to the Jewish race and the remaining 15% share for the entire Palestinian population that settled in the area Israel? In reality, Israel allocates 85% of clean water only for 400 Jewish residents in Hebron, while the remaining 15% should be allocated to the 120 thousand Palestinian population in that area?

6. did you know that the United mengalolasikan 5 milyad US $ income from taxes each year to donate Israel?

7. did you know that America continues to provide military assistance to Israel amounted to US $ 1.8 billion Rupiahs per tahunnnya? And did you know that the number of it's the same with the American contribution to the whole country in the continent of Africa?

8. did you know that Israel is also waiting for help war a US $ 4 billion Rupiahs from America which consists of fighter aircraft F 16, Apache and Blackhawk? And because the United States is the main Coalition for Israel, then he is obliged to provide all the facilities requested Israel to guarantee its existence.

9. did you know that the American Government has been pressing Congressional about violations of Israel in the use of weapons that they contribute? In particular in 1978, 1979 and 1982 war in Lebanon and the use of nuclear weapons in 1981.

10. did you know that Israel is the only country in the Middle East which refused to sign a ban on development of nuclear weapons? And reject the UN investigation team to inspect its nuclear hideaway?

11. did you know that before the establishment of Israel in 1948, the factory has been developing nuclear weapons?

12. did you know that High officers in Israel in the War that the military openly acknowledge Israel kill all Palestinian prisoners of war without court proceedings?

13. did you know that in addition to the Jewish race, are prohibited from buying or renting of land in Israel? 

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